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Who is CPBA?

CPBA is a business networking organization established in 1962 by a group of Central Pennsylvania business persons.

Purposes of the group include providing a means of communicating area business information to its members, often before the information is generally known in the business community, and promoting each member's business interests. Each member represents a separate business category, so there are no competing disciplines in the main group.

The members of CPBA hold a luncheon meeting the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at a designated restaurant. Prior to each meeting, members submit "tips" through the CPBA website (, which are printed and provided to members and reviewed at the meetings. The "tips" include information about businesses such as start-ups, closures, relocations, additions, etc. There is also time at each meeting to share business information that may not have been submitted in time to be printed, or may not meet all of the qualifications to be counted as an official "tip". The specifics about acceptable "tips", as well as all of the other rules pertaining to CPBA membership are outlined in the bylaws, which can be found on the website.

All information provided is confidential to members, and may not be shared outside of the group.

Interested in Joining Us?

On behalf of Central Pennsylvania Business Associates I would like to extend a welcome. We are a small networking business club that may be a benefit to your business. You will find an informal friendly, helpful and informative group as you get to know each one of us.

CPBA meets the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at a designated restaurant to share business leads and tips. The information is about future growth or expansion of businesses, restaurants, schools along with all aspects of local, state and federal government.

CPBA was established in 1962 by a group of area business persons to share leads with other non-competing businesses. Over the years, the associates have grown and evolved into the diverse group of business people that we have today.

Membership: Any person whose primary business activity is not in competition with the primary business activity or profession of another member is eligible for membership in this organization. Ten "tips or leads" are required per quarter.

Members cannot have more than four unexcused absences in a quarter. If you cannot attend a meeting, you may send another representative from your company or call a member to let them know you will be absent. Members are welcome to bring a guest. That person must be a non-competitive, non-prospective guest. Members are invited to "Showboat" their company. Each week one member may speak for 10-15 minutes to profile their company.

Dues are $100.00 per quarter.

Tips are submitted each week through the CPBA website.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Past President, Michele Kuhn at phone number: 717-599-9923 or
e-mail: A membership application is available directly through the CPBA website.